3 Storage DIYs for Small Bathrooms

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Have you downsized your home?  If so the first logical question always asked is “What do I do with all my stuff?” Many books and self-help magazines suggest simply donating or throwing everything away, which works fine for a closet full of shoes, but what does one do in the case of a bathroom? Surely everyone needs toilet paper, hair combs, and maybe a blow dryer. Experts say when downsizing a bathroom, organization is the key to making a small space functional, while still keeping life’s upmost essentials. In reaction, here 3 bathroom DIYs to organize and make the most of a small bathroom.

1. Towel Baskets

It’s no secret that towels are most compact when they’re rolled, not folded. The problem is it’s often difficult to keep those towels rolled when they’re placed under a cabinet or on top of a bathroom shelf. Further, when one is downsizing, such spaces are needed to store other facets of the bathroom’s most needed products. Therefore, this DIY is a simple and stylish one made specifically to give those towels a place where they look like they belong with the décor of the room.

2. Magnetic Cabinets

The next DIY trick to organizing a recently downsized bathroom is to magnetize the insides of one or all of your cabinets. The process is far easier than one would even image, and the result will allow you the freedom to effortlessly store even the smallest of objects without the unnecessary clutter associated with them being within reach.

What You’ll Need:

  • Magnetic primer
  • Magnetic spice jars and baskets

Most home improvement stores now sell a product billed as “magnetic primer.” It comes in cans just like normal paint, but offers an extraordinary affect. Using a paintbrush, simply paint on a thin layer of primer to the back of a bathroom cabinet. Once dry, it will literally hold magnetic powers. With the use of magnetic-ready baskets (which are sold in department stores) and spice jars, arrange small and easily lost goods in a manner that makes sense to you, sticking them to the back of your magnetic cupboard.

3.  The Ladder Rack

Need more room to hang things in your newly downsized bathroom? By upcycling a ladder, you can have 7+ spaces to hang towels or other objects in one quirky DIY! It may sound odd, but here me out.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 upcycled wooden ladder
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain
  • Acrylic paint

To begin this concept, one’s first assignment is to haunt garage sales, flea markets, and antique shows to find an old broken down ladder that no one wants. It should preferably be wooden. The next step is to simply “pretty-up” the piece, which typically involves sanding down the existing layer of stain and grime, and repainting it to your own personal taste. If you want, you can paint on additional embellishments. Once completed, this ladder should be placed in a corner or leaned against an unused wall of the bathroom. Hang towels on it to dry or for storage.

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