6 Antiquated Pipes That Are Seldomly Used

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6 Antiquated Pipes That Are Seldom Used

In previous posts we have covered different pipping materiel, which are best and which are most commonly used.  Here we take a look at 6 pipe types that have been phased out of commercial or residential use.  Some of these types of pipes are still used today but very infrequently.  If you hire a plumbing contractor make sure to ask him what type of pipes he plans to use for the different areas of the home.  If any of the below pipes are mentioned it should be a red flag for you to address.

  • Black iron pipe
  • Galvanized pipe
  • CPVC pipe
  • Polybutylene
  • Poly
  • CSST for gas

Black iron pipe was used extensively in buildouts several decades ago.  It is heavy, hard to work with, and has been virtually replaced by PVC and copper.

Galvanized pipe like black iron pipe is not used in new builds any longer.  It had the disadvantage of building up mineral and corrosion deposits and causing low water pressure in the home.

 CPVC pipe is similar to PVC pipe. The composition is different, and it is used in applications where there is corrosive water.
Polybutylene is a soft, flexible pipe.  Most plumbers do not recommend it. There has been a class action suit, Cox Vs Shell Oil, over the use of this pipe.  According to research, people who have owned a mobile home or trailer with this type of pipe are eligible for certain financial relief if they have replaced a plumbing system that contained polybutylene.
Poly pipe is a soft plastic pipe that is used for cold water supplies.  It can crack with age, and stainless steel and galvanized couplings are suspect.CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) pipe is a corrugated pipe that is used for gas hookups.  It has replaced black iron pipe used for that purpose.  CSST consists of a continuous, flexible, stainless steel pipe with an exterior PVC covering.  It is produced in coils that are air-tested for leaks.  CSST is often run in homes with a distribution manifold to service more than one appliance.CSST is not without controversy. It has been found to be susceptible to damage from arcing by direct or nearby lighting strikes.  There have been instances in California where homes have burned because of this.  CSST must be properly grounded in the home in any event.

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