This is a critical time and important opportunity to have a conversation across the country about the importance of investing in our water systems. Being able to drink water straight from the tap and knowing that wastewater is safely and responsibly treated are top concerns for Americans. As a nation, we must prioritize investment in our water systems—to maintain high-quality water service today and for future generations,” said the director of the Value of Water Coalition and CEO of the US Water Alliance.

In light of the crisis in Flint, Michigan, 95 percent of respondents said it was important or very important for public officials to invest in water systems so other communities didn’t face what happened in Flint.  In a parallel problem the ongoing drought in California is another major crisis that is taking a toll on residents and the environment throughout California.  The El Nino weather pattern this winter has helped the drought situation in CA but overall snowpack levels in the Northern Sierras are at or slightly below annual averages for this time of year.  The drought is forcing consumers to be more mindful of their water use and more effciant plumbing systems can be a major part of this solution to this crisis.

The issues that resonated with Americans were clear: we’re all dependent on water infrastructure, and we need to invest in it.