A Closer Look at Advances in Plumbing

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Even though innovation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of plumbing there continue to be some pretty future-forward advances in the plumbing world. Technology is playing an increasingly important role, offering you products that are designed to make your home or office more comfortable, add value to your home, keep living spaces more sanitary, or reduce the impact to the environment.

Technology Adds Personal Comfort

Many of the newest technologies are designed around adding personal comfort at home, particularly in your bathroom and kitchen. For example, more and more products utilize wireless technology to allow you to stream music to your shower. One system even lets you control lighting and water pressure through a digital interface.  Shower technology is also making the home experience more comfortable. Luxury faucets and showerheads can turn the home shower into a spa-like experience.

Plumbing Innovations Leads to a Healthier Home

In addition to saving water and energy, several new plumbing products help aid in a more comfortable and healthier living space. Technological advancements to water filtration systems can filter out contaminants from tap water. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are a popular option in the modern home and can provide you with instant access to clean drinking water.

Healthy technological advancements that make toilets and faucets “touchless” are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to have a hands-free experience while avoiding the spread of germs that build up on faucets. You can wave your hand over a touchless toilet to flush it and the toilet lid will automatically close without slamming – this will thankfully finally put an end to the ongoing seat up or down debate! Imagine being able to close the lid, flush the toilet, and wash your hands all without having to touch germ-infested surfaces. And of course, if you need any plumbing repairs or have septic systems issues please call us for a free estimate.

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