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In a world of increasing water shortages – and increasingly strict usage regulations — conserving water has never been more important. FOr years the state of Oregon has had duel flush toilets in most public restrooms through out the state and airport.  Now California is taking note of its northern neighboor. In California where the drought is changing behaviors, changing priorities and causing the government (both State and local) and many water related companies to find creative new ways to solve the water shortage. Cars and lawns are going brown, showers are being shortened, and overall the Golden State is struggling to find solutions to the unprecedented drought. One such solution is the promotion of cash rebates and other financial incentives from the State and local water agencies to replace older inefficient plumbing fixtures with highly-efficient systems. Manufacturers are also reacting to this situation by developing new products and technologies to address the shortage.

Many leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing products and has been dedicated to saving water from the beginning of the water conservation movement. Many offer a wide variety of water saving products such as high efficiency flushing as well as waterfree urinals. As the drought intensified manufactures introduced a series of a new kind of urinal called a Hybrid that delivers unmatched performance while saving thousands of gallons of water every year.

The Hybrid Urinals reflect our dedication to help reduce the water footprint. The hybrids combines the best of both worlds: water-free operation and periodic water injection that helps prevent the formation of calcite and easily removes any small amounts of struvite forming in the drain line. This innovative product removes any compromise usually associated with a reduction in water usage which will accelerate their adoption of many businesses which will in turn help save millions of gallons of water more quickly.

Some of these urinals do not require water to eliminate urine — using the Jetrinse Solution Technology automatically purges the housing and pipes, rinsing them thoroughly to prevent the buildup of sediment every 72 hours. The result is clean, odor-free operation, with virtually no maintenance aside from typical wipe downs and cartridge changes.

As a new solution that preserves the efficiency and enhances the functionality of waterfree design, these Hybrid Urinals are an alternative that can help manage water restrictions due to drought conditions throughout the country, such as California. Rebates are now available for commercial customers to replace their older inefficient water wasting urinals with waterfree urinals, including the new hybrid.

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