Can Insulating Your Water Heater Save You Money?

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Would you like to save money on your monthly gas utility bill?  Depending on the type of water heater that you own there is a simple way to improve efficiency and save yourself some green!

An insulation blanket can make some water heaters more energy efficient. If your water heater is located in a garage, basement, or attic or a space that you dont want added heat, install a heavy insulation blanket .  The higher the R value of the blanket, the thicker the blanket and the more insulating capabilities.

If your water heater is located in a room where lost heat could be utilized – dont install an insulation blanket.  A blanket is not necessary if you have a new water heater that is factory insulated with R-16 or better. (The factory-installed insulation is located between the metal shell and the tank, so you can’t see it.) Check the manufacturer’s label to understand how much insulation your water heater contains.

If you meet the above criteria purchase a water-heater insulation blanket as a kit based on the size of the heater — 30 gallons, 40 gallons, 50 gallons, and so on.

How to wrap your water heater with an insulation blanket:

  • For a gas water heater: Wrap your gas water heater all the way around from the top to just below the controller. Don’t worry if the blanket seems a bit short. The bottom of the tank is several inches above the very bottom of the water heater.  Don’t wrap the top of a gas water heater because the insulation could catch fire from the heat being exhausted. Also, the blanket should not cover the controller or the pressure and temperature relief valve.

  • For an electric water heater: Because electric water heaters have no exhaust, you can insulate the sides and the top.   Just wrap the entire thing up but to prevent electrical components from overheating, don’t cover the heating-access panels.

If you need more information on water heater insulation just contact us today!

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