Common Emergency Plumbing Situations

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Plumbing ImageWe have added a lot of content to our site for our DIY customers.  For plumbing savvy consumers we wanted to provide the highest quality information for your benefit.  Some plumbing projects can be handled or repaired by laymen but in this feature we dive into some common EMERGENCY plumbing situations.  For these plumbing issues we highly recommend leaving the work to professionals which in the long run will save you time and ultimately money.

All homeowners have to deal with occasional plumbing emergencies. Clogged drains and sinks are standard annoyances, as are leaky faucets and toilets that keep running water. Hopefully our DIY series of content has helped you navigate these minor plumbing issues so that you can resolve them yourself. However, sometimes the troubles in your pipes, drains and other plumbing systems will demand emergency attention. Water entering parts of the house where it shouldn’t poses a serious potential to damage floors, walls, and carpets.  Additionally massive water loss is costly.

When you sense a plumbing emergency, get on the phone to call an emergency plumber with 24-hour service, like Heaton Plumbing

Common Emergency Plumbing Issues That We Should Deal With:

Make sure to recognize any of below signs – these could indicate that one of these issues might be happening in your home.

Leaking pipes: Water leaks are some of the most insidious and difficult issues to detect and can plague your plumbing and your wallet. Since water leaks usually begin out of sight and start to spread.  For many water leaks are recognized only after much of the serious damage has been done.  At this point the issues has become a serious plumbing emergency. For example we recelty had a situation when one of our cleints had a leaky bathtub plumbing – the leak continued to drip unnoticed in the walls and evantually got under the wood teeq flooring that was in the homes living room.  We were able to solve the leaking issue but the floor damage had been done and cost the client thousdands.

Once leaks have spread enough, they will start to ruin building material, destroying plaster and warping wood. Leaks need repairs the moment you detect them, and it requires a professional plumber to properly seal them and find out the reason the leaks started in the first place. If you think you may have a leak but can’t find it, you can always hire someone like us that offers water leak detection services.

Broken main water line: The running water in your house that comes from the municipal supply reaches your house via the main water line. Should this line suffer breaks or clogs, you won’t receive any water at all. This water line is the homeowner’s responsibility, so if you start to lose water pressure or notice water raising from the pavement in front of your home, contact a plumber right away.

Broken sewer line: The sewer line serves the opposite function as the main water line: it removes waste water from your home and pipes it to the municipal sewer line beneath the street. Most commonly sewer lines are damaged from corrosion or from tree roots start growing into it that can break or cause leaks.  These situations require attention from a plumber. If you notice uneven levels of water in the toilets in your home, numerous clogged drains, stains in the basement, and a damp lawn emitting foul odors, then you most likely have a damaged sewer line that requires emergency plumbing work to fix the problem.

As we have stated its critically important that you have these three issues fixed the moment you detect them. The damage to your home could be catastrophic, and you risk losing your water supply entirely. Don’t let a plumbing emergency potentially damage your home. Fortunately, help is only a call away.

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