DIY Projects Gone Wrong – Was It Worth It?

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We have written a number of DIY plumbing information posts over the past 6 months.  Hopefully this information has been useful and maybe even helped you complete a few projects on your own.  While we think DIY is great and the movement towards DIY for normal consumers has really taken off in this post we look at the disadvantages of DIY.  DIY gone wrong can be much more expensive than hiring the correct professional from the get go so evaluate your project, abilities, and professional cost.  Hiring a pro may just save you time, hassle, and cash!

Nothing lasts forever, that’s a sad fact of life. Some things are built to be durable but even those that have an expected lifespan will one day wear out or break down. If you are a homeowner looking to save money with a DIY project on a major repair, it would really be wise to think about whether or not you have the mechanical or technical knowledge to do the job right.

Too many DIY projects have gone terribly wrong and there is no one to blame but the person foolish enough to attempt the project before thinking it through carefully. Before attempting any kind of DIY project whatsoever, take the time to think it through. A DIY project gone wrong can end up costing you dearly. Here are a few things to consider.

Professionals Can Avoid Needless Accidents

Unless you know what you are doing, you could end up with very serious third degree burns. Just because the radiator isn’t functioning doesn’t mean that the water coming from your boiler isn’t hot. It most likely is! If it wasn’t, all your other radiators wouldn’t work and you’d have no hot water in any of your faucets as well. Unless you have extensive training in plumbing and heating, it would be far wiser to leave it to a pro. There is a very precise way of depressurising a radiator, draining the water and installing a new one that takes a careful step-by-step procedure.

Damaging a Product Voids the Warranty

There are also times when an incorrect installation can damage the product,voiding the terms of the warranty and it will cost you double buying a new one. If the fault is yours, you can’t expect the merchant to let you return it for a refund! When you hire a professional to do the job, make sure they are properly insured. Then, should something go awry with the installation resulting in a damaged product, their insurance will cover the cost for a replacement.

Some DIY projects are safe and easy enough for the average person to attempt but others are far too complex and dangerous. Before starting any type of major household repair, assess your ability to do the job correctly and whether or not there are any dangers involved. If it can be dangerous and you lack proper ability, don’t even try.

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