Flood Stop – Why Every Home Should Have One

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With the recent torrential rains and flooding that the TX area has experienced we thought it wise to produce a few posts regarding flooding, plumbing and your home.  Flooding can be cause by external forces such as the natural disasters that we recently experienced causing mass flooding around TX and by internal accidents such as burst pipes and plumbing leaks.

Flooding on Your Property

If your home or any part of your property above your water lines was flooded, it would be a good precaution to flush your service line and household plumbing as follows:

  • Starting with the outside faucet farthest from your meter, run water through the faucet until you notice a change in water temperature. Then shut the faucet off.
  • Working back towards the water meter, continue flushing one faucet or water fixture at a time. Remove the aerator before you flush kitchen or bathroom faucets. At each faucet, this flushing procedure should take five minutes or less.
  • Be sure to drain and refill your water heater also.

Flushing should remove any air or contaminants that may have entered your plumbing system if and when the service was interrupted.

Flood Stop System for Your Home Helps Prevent Floods & Water Damage

Did you know there is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your home from flooding? A Flood stop is a leak detection system that is designed for residences. Installing a flood stop system will help protect your home from major water damage from any major appliance that utilizes water.

The flood stop is a sensor that detects leaks and will automatically shut off the water supply to the appliance when it starts to leak. Flood stop systems can be used on water heaters, washers and water supply lines. Installation is easy only requiring batteries and an electrical source like an outlet. Once installed, the system will automatically cycle its valve once every month, to ensure it is working properly and protecting your home. For additional protection, you can add multiple sensors to one device, further protecting your home.

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