Green Plumbing Ideas to Save you Big

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You can reduce your water usage by at least 30 percent through green plumbing. Listed below are a number of options for you to think about when customizing your home or renovating. The changes you can make aren’t just limited to altering your appliances but altering your habits. The more lifestyle changes you make, the more water you save.

Types of green plumbing

Tankless water heaters – These heaters use less energy than a traditional tank-type water heater. They last up to 10 years longer than tank-type heaters, take up less space and the hot water they supply runs continuously as it isn’t limited to the size of the tank. The downside is that they cost significantly more than tank-type heaters, they have a limited output and they don’t always provide consistent hot water.

Low-flow shower heads – These shower heads reduce the flow of water that’s released from the head either by mixing air in with the water (aerating) or restricting flow without mixing in air (non-aerating). The effect is an increased water flow velocity that makes the spray seem more high powered, giving the feeling that the body is getting as wet as with a regular shower head.

Dual-flush toilets – Toilets use up 26 percent of household water. To reduce this water usage a flush button on a dual-flush toilet gives two options: One uses less water when flushing (for liquid waste) and the other uses more—for solid waste.

Steam showers – Instead of using water, steam can be just as effective as a bath or shower by cleaning out the pores and getting rid of dirt and grime for the skin. Steam also increases circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Rainwater harvesting system – Water your plants and grass for free—instead of using a water sprinkler in your garden, this system saves water by collecting rainwater that falls on the roof or other surfaces and reuses it.

Whole house water filters – Installing filters in your home will rid chemicals or toxins from your water, which extends the life of heaters and plumbing fixtures because harmful microorganisms aren’t attaching to them.



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