How Green Should You Take Your Plumbing

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While thinking green when it comes to the plumbing in your home is a smart choice for your pocketbook, your home, and the environment, it’s not unusual for homeowners to feel a little overwhelmed when presented with the full scope of green remodeling options. If you’re feeling unsure about how green you’re willing to go with plumbing, there’s no need to worry.

Going green is not an all-or-nothing proposition, and any step you take in a green direction is a smart one, whether you opt for easy-to-install flow reducers on your kitchen and bathroom faucets, or go all out with a new hot water heater, whole house water filtration system, and low-flush toilet.  As with most things there is a wide scale and range of green plumbing options that you can implement.  Our primary recommendation is that we hope you wont be scared off by workload or price tag of going green.  Its an initial upfront investment – that will be more expensive than a traditional plumbing product – but the investment of going green will pay for itself and pay you dividends over time.

Green remodeling places just as much emphasis on creating healthier homes as it does on improving energy efficiency— and home plumbing is no exception. Here’s a list of suggestions from Johnston of things you can do to make sure the water in your home is as clean and healthy as possible.

If you do think green is the right choice for your upcoming plumbing project, talk with your contractor about adopting a green remodeling philosophy, find a contractor who specializes in green building and remodeling, or seek out the services of a green consulting firm so you can be sure that your new plumbing is as green as it comes.

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