How Plumbing is Adding Value to the Home

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Plumbing – Adding Value to the Home

When consumers are in the market to upgrade their surroundings, they are considering projects that will customize their homes while making them more comfortable as well. This often means starting in the kitchen and bathroom, the two rooms where homeowners traditionally spend the bulk of their time.  These 2 rooms are the areas of a home to invest in and have proven to deliver higher returns than renovating other areas of the house.

Whether retailers have large showrooms filled with plumbing fixtures and the latest appliances or only offer a convenience assortment of those products, their understanding of the future of plumbing technologies can help determine long-term inventory game plans.

To discover retailers’ opinions on these new technologies, we sent a questionnaire to a panel of home improvement retailers. All of the responding retailers sell plumbing products in their stores, and the majority believe technology will continue to make its way into customers’ homes through that category.

we feel there is an overwhelming trend of homeowners’ desires to build a smarter home and the plumbing products will be part of this trend.

Technology Adds Personal Comfort And Value

Many of the newest technologies in the bathroom and kitchen are designed around adding personal comfort for users. For example, more and more products are being introduced that allow users to stream live music to their showers through wireless technology. One system even allows users to control lighting and water pressure through a digital interface.

Not only is bathroom music emerging in the plumbing category, but LED lights are also being integrated into plumbing products. Examples of products incorporating LED technology include lights in toilet bowls, which illuminate the commode for nighttime use. Also new on the scene are LED light rings in bathroom sinks that glow red or blue to indicate water temperature.

While streaming music in the bathroom and shower control systems are gaining attention, environmentally friendly plumbing technology is also growing in consumer interest.

Environmental products are not only relatively affordable, but they also save money by reducing water use over time without compromising day-to-day use. Products that are innovative and promote green building practices are great items for homeowners to install and many consumers are making the switch.

Check back for more information about new plumbing technologies and the benefits they can provide for your home!


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