There are many factors to keep in mind when looking for a plumbing company or any other type of company where we are located in Houston Texas, or anywhere in the Nation. When purchasing a home, it is a great idea to find and research companies to keep on standby to fix future problems that happen in the home. Most people only call a plumber the instant an issue occurs and do not research on the company they just contacted. This could be a costly mistake!

Do they answer their phones?

Surprisingly this is a common issue. Sometimes no one even answers. When they answer their phone take notes on who you are speaking with. If it is a plumber who answers his own phone, make sure he takes the time to answer your problems, and give you the full price for the project. If it is someone in their office, make sure the quote they give you matches the quote the plumber gives you when they come to your home.

Are they licensed, bonded, insured?

First find out if the plumbing company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Some people who claim to be plumbers are not licensed to even service a home. Making sure they are licensed and bonded will save you a lot of money if the plumber causes an issue they cannot fix. Another company will need to be called in because of the plumbers mistake, and you the customer will be left paying for it if the plumber is not insured. Our plumbers in Houston are licensed, bonded, and insured to keep our customers safe from these situations and are happy with our work.

Do they offer guarantees?

Do they guarantee their work? If a company knows what they are doing, and hires people who have years of experience and the right tools and skills for every job, that means they are professionals. It is hard for a plumbing company to guarantee their work unless they really know the ins and outs of plumbing. If they guarantee their work in writing and you sign it, if anything happens, it is mandatory for them to come out to fix it for free.

Get several quotes.

When calling a plumber, get a quote over the phone before you have them come over. Also get a quote from other plumbing companies to make sure the price range is nearly the same. If the plumber does not give a quote over the phone, it could be because they never worked on what you called about. It is a good idea to find a plumber who has experience on the system before learning how it works on the job. If you have a water heater problem, ask them simple questions and listen to their response to hear if it sounds professional.

Buying parts for the plumber saves money

Keep in mind, deciding to buy the parts needed for a plumber to install will save you money like a water heater, plumbing fixtures, or garbage disposals. Make sure they are high-efficiency and not of poor quality. When it comes to plumbing, you get what you pay for and when buying a unit of lesser value, you will be paying more in energy costs, and it will not last as long. No matter what it is you plan on buying for the plumber to install, ask the employees at Home-Depot or Lowes about energy efficient systems and they will be able to help.

What are previous customers saying?

Check out what previous customers are saying about the company you are looking to hire. There are awesome websites that let anyone see testimonials and ratings from past experiences. Check out the BBB or and make sure they are highly rated or you may be the next customer to leave horrible feedback. Make sure that they have a company website that shows previous work as well so you can see the quality of work. If the company has a website and is promoting how great their ratings and reviews are, it shows that they are taking care of each customer to keep their awesome reviews.

Ask them for references.

You could even ask them for reviews from previous customers. Companies who take their work seriously will have a list of references for you to call or check out on a blog or other review site to get in touch with. Finding a reference may be one of the best ways to gain trust with a company. This will be more time consuming than going online to just look at reviews, but it may be worth the time.

Do they work around any budget?

Many questions that we get at Heaton Plumbing is how can we work around the budget of the customer? Does the plumbing company offer monthly payments? Will they find a unit or full system which will suit the needs of the home, but also manage a budget? These are all very important questions if the customer has limited money. Plumbing issues do not wait for anything, and when the home starts flooding from a pipe break, then there is no time to wait for the savings account to grow. The issue needs fixed right away or thousands of dollars will be spent to replace everything that a flood can damage within the home.

Leave feedback after your plumbing experience!

If you have had a great experience with a plumber after using our recommendations, make sure to go online and write a review to help filter out bad companies who have poor reviews. People love to read about the professional work a company can offer, and when you give them great feedback, it will help their future customers with their decision making. Companies who do a great job should be rewarded, because there are so many companies who try to make as much money as possible by doing horrible work.

More information.

For more information about what a plumber needs and why anyone should hire them, contact our Houston Plumbing company and a qualified plumber can walk you through step by step.


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