How to Handle Emergency Plumbing Situations

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emergency imageImagine the scenario of coming home from a long vacation to find a bathroom or basement flooded.  For most of us this is not a concern that is top of mind but it should be.  It should be something that is considered every time we leave our homes for a significant amount of time because it can and will eventually happen.  If you came home and found a flooded house how would you handle the situation?  What would you do?  Every second of delay increases the amount of damage and can make everything worse.

For most of us we don’t have experience with plumbing repair, installation and maintenance.  Knowing how to deal with the a plumbing emergency can save you time and money.  Here are some tips to help reduce and stop the plumbing problems:

Knowing where your electrical panel is located and knowing where you water main shutoff valve are very important.  Understanding where water valves for individual fixtures can also help to keep small leaks from turning into major repairs.

Having a licensed plumber that you trust and who will come day or night, after hours and on the weekends will save you time money and hassle.  Plumbing problems don’t adhere to regular working business hours so most good plumbers have an emergency 24 hour service.  These emergency services usually cost more and some plumbers will charge just for coming out – regardless of the work performed.

It’s wise to establish a relationship with a plumber or company that you trust and is right for you.  Make sure to vet them properly to determine if they can fix the problems right and not charge you too much money.  Having a strong relationship and knowing ahead of time what it will cost to get a plumber out to your home are key.

Leaking water can destroy walls, foundations, framing and flooring.  Minimize the damage by knowing where the water shut off valves are located.  Having a plumber that you can trust to fix your problem right and for a reasonable cost will save consumers a lot of hassle.

At Heaton plumbing we pride ourselves on our workmanship and the relationships we form with the clients we serve.  Call us today to find out more.




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