New Trends in Plumbing Technology

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When you think about all of the categories within a home improvement store where technology has had an impact, plumbing may not be the first to come to mind. However, technology is playing an important role in the plumbing department whether in the form of products designed to make the kitchen and bath more comfortable or to keep living spaces more sanitary.  There is a wave of new Green Technology rolling out that can be used to reduce a home’s impact on the environment.

Understanding what new options are driving product changes within the plumbing world will also be important as more homeowners look for the latest tech options to spruce up their homes.  Overall, the plumbing category is expected to see steady growth over the next several years as homeowners begin to make greater investments in home remodeling projects.

The plumbing fixtures market “is projected to advance 6.3 percent per year through 2017 to $12 billion. The residential market will account for over three-fifths of demand and will see the most rapid gains,” according to research from the Freedonia Group.

While tech-driven products will only represent a portion of these sales, it is important to understand that as younger consumers gravitate to more high-tech living spaces, these future-forward options in plumbing will certainly have an impact on consumer demand.

In the coming series of posts, we’ll discuss some of the latest technological trends in the plumbing industry. The role of technology is playing in the evolution of the category and the changes are very exciting.  With the housing market booming and an increase of new homes being built the time is right for technological innovations that can make your plumbign and ultimatly home more valuable.

These innovations are benefiting the end users, home owners, the environment and the pro’s – the plumbers who fix and maintain these new plumbing technologies.


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