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Are you suffering from a clogged kitchen or bathroom sink? Do you have slow draining tubs or shower drains? Maybe, you have toilets that flush too slowly? Regardless of the specific drainage issue you are experiencing at your home or business, Heaton Plumbing can help! We provide fast, affordable, and thorough clogged drain cleaning in Pasadena, Tx, 6 days a week!

Clogged drains are one of those plumbing issues that only get worse over time. We use sinks for just about everything these days, including shaving, rinsing paint brushes, taking off nail polish, washing our hands, brushing out teeth and more. So it’s no wonder that the occasional clog occurs from time to time.

The only way to ensure that your drains work effectively in your sinks, showers, and tubs is by preventing debris from flowing down them. You can do everything possible to prevent debris from flowing down the drain and still develop a clog. How does this happen? For starters, children have been known to put anything and everything down the drain of the sink or flush down the toilet. The experienced team from Heaton Plumbing Inc. will be able to diagnose your clogged drain, remove the clog, and make sure the water flows freely. With more than 30 years helping clients all throughout the Harris County, TX, our plumbers understand emergencies happen, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency service as well as scheduled appointments.

So if you are experiencing slow flowing or completely clogged drains in your home or business give the team at Heater Plumbing a call today! We we schedule a time for one of our highly qualified, well reviewed, professional plumbers to come out to your home and provide you with an estimate for our clogged drain cleaning in Pasadena, Tx.

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 Common Causes of Clogged Drains 

If you’ve ever dealt with a clogged drain you well know that such a problem is not easy to spot. In fact, most people don’t notice a clogged drain until it has either overflowed or causes some other type of problem. For example, you notice the water won’t drain while you wash your hands or brush your teeth. Or, after shaving, once you open the drain stopper the water fails to recede down the drain. There are a lot of reasons why a drain can become clogged and we touch on a few of them in the section below.

Using Soap in the Form of a Bar

One of the leading culprits of a clogged drain is using bar soap. Many people still use bar soap to wash their hands at the bathroom sink or to wash themselves in the shower or bathtub. Bar soap is not your best option. Bar soap is greasy and grease should never be send down the drain because it can cause the drain to clog. Switch to soap from a pump dispenser immediately and throw away all of your bar soap.

Hair Quickly Accumulates

Hair, whether it is from shaving, brushing your head, or simply washing it in the shower, will quickly accumulate in a drain. It is difficult for hair to wash down any drain because of its length and curly features. Try to install a drain stopper in your bathroom sink or in your shower, especially if you shave over the bathroom sink or wash your hair regularly in the shower. The stopper will collect all of the hair and prevent it from going into the drain. Try to clean the stopper once per week so that hair does not continue to build up, which can lead to a foul smell.

Put Less Food in the Kitchen Sink

Just because you have a garbage disposal in your sink doesn’t mean you can dump any type of food you wish down the drain. Only certain foods can go down the drain when you have a garbage disposal and no food should go down the drain without one. If your kitchen sink drain is clogged you need to reduce the amount of food that makes it into the sink to prevent future clogs. The P-trap, which is the curved pipe under the sink, must be removed in order to unclog the drain.

Paper Products, Wipes, and Toys

Small objects always seem to wind up flushed down the toilet or stuck in a sink drain, especially when there are children living in the Pasadena, TX home. Napkins, tampons, jewelry, toys, wipes and other paper products are all small or thin enough to wind up going down the drain. The aren’t small enough to completely make it through the plumbing of your home and will eventually lead to a clog.

Tree Roots

If you’ve had a plumber out to inspect a clogged drain and cannot find the culprit, you likely are dealing with a tree root that has broken through a pipe outside the home. If this is the case, the clog will be outdoors but can easily back up into the home if left untouched. A licensed plumber will be needed to dig up the area of the yard where the pipe is located, cut the section of pipe out with the tree root, remove the root, and then install new pipe.

Clogged Sinks & Drains

When there is a clog somewhere in your home’s plumbing you will not be able to use the sinks to shave, wash your hands, brush your teeth or do anything else without having the sink backup and then overflow all over the counter. A clogged sink could also lead to issues with your tub, shower, or toilets depending on how the plumbing of your home is laid out.

Backed Up Toilets

A backed up toilet is one of the worst plumbing issues to have because of the foul smell it can cause in your home. When your toilet becomes backed up it can push waste all over the floor of the bathroom and even make you and your family ill if it is not cleaned up immediately. A licensed plumber from Heaton Plumbing Inc. will be able to take a look at the toilet, the pipes underneath, it and the connection to your sewer line or septic tank to make sure there are no issues in those areas. The most common toilet clogs are caused by children flushing toys. Put a lock on the lid to prevent your children from flushing any toys so you can avoid nasty clogs.

Clogged Tubs & Showers

A clog in your tub or shower is one of the worst to have because you won’t be able to bathe until you have a plumber come fix the issue. It might take until the water in the tub fails to drain after a bath or flows over the lip of the shower while taking a shower to realize you have a serious clog somewhere in the plumbing system.

Signs of More Serious Sewer Line Issues

If your home is falling victim to drainage issues, backups, and toilet overflow more than 1-2 times per year, there may be a more serious issue afoot. When sinks, showers, and tubs drain slowly all of the time it can be a sign of a damaged sewer line. Sewer lines can become damaged for any number of reasons including age of the pipe & the material the pipe is made out of. If you are experiencing any of the signs of a damaged sewer line below do not hesitate to give our Pasadena plumbing team a call!

1. Excessively foul or unpleasant odors coming from drains
2. Constantly slow draining sinks, showers, and tubs
3. Unusually lush or green areas in your yard

A damaged main sewer line is not a problem that you want to put on the backburner, rather you’ll want to prioritize it’s repair. If a sewer line goes unrepaired for too long and a complete break or blockage occurs, waste water (sewage filled with fecal matter and other hazardous waste) can back up into the bathtubs and sinks in your home! Costly to repair and extremely dangerous to your healthy, sewage backups are something to avoid 100% of the time. Being proactive is your best friend.

So what’s your first step? Pick up the phone and give Heaton Plumbing, Inc. a call today! We can schedule a thorough examination of your home’s drainage system the same day you call. If the issues is a simple blockage in the line, we can clear it quickly! There’s a reason we’re voted the #1 plumbing company that provides top quality drain cleaning in Pasadena, Tx.

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