Plumbing Apprenticeships and Master Plumbers

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Plumbing Apprenticeships With Local Plumbing Companies And Unions

Well established plumbing companies in different states offer apprenticeship programs. These companies may not offer an attractive pay, but it would act as an excellent spring board for anyone to achieve greater success in their plumbing careers. In addition to the companies, there are also unions in the state that provide apprenticeship programs. The unions in different states offer on the job training programs and after completing this program, one would be able to get good plumbing jobs.

Joining a union sponsored apprentice program is not that simple and easy. It would take four to five years for anyone to complete the apprenticeship training, and at the end of the five year period, one can take a trade license test that is conducted by the union. On top of that, there are also tests that are regulated by the states.

You can be a journeyman plumber by passing the trade test. After becoming a journey man plumber, one can start taking contracts on their own. During the initial years the income potential may not be high. But one can get exposure to a variety of plumbing assignments that would provide you with the required knowledge and experience for taking up more complex assignments in future.

After gaining experience as a journeyman plumber for five to six years, the next step to take is to become a master plumber.

Becoming a Master Plumber

In order to become a master plumber, one has to complete a qualification test that covers all the areas that the plumber has learned during the apprenticeship period and also during the journeyman period. In order to clear the master plumber qualification test, one has to be well versed in different plumbing areas including

1. Federal plumbing codes

2. State plumbing codes

3. Installing plumbing systems

4. Repairing and maintaining plumbing systems

5. Managing plumbing projects

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