Plumbing Innovation Leads to a Healthier Home

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Plumbing Innovation Leads to a Healthier Home

Keeping a healthy home can be done in a variety of ways, and several new plumbing products help aid in a more hygienic living space. Touch-free faucets are becoming an option more homeowners consider, as they allow users to have a hands-free experience while also avoiding the spread of germs and contaminants. According to an article by Plumbing and Mechanical magazine, “hands-free faucet technology will continue to evolve and will likely be offered on more and more items through more and more manufacturers.”

In the bathroom, a touchless toilet allows the user to wave their hand above the toilet to flush it. After they’re finished, the toilet lid will automatically close without slamming.

Not all retailers offer touchless technology for customers to buy; about 30 percent of retailers say they have customers seeking touchless technology for their homes.

Technological advancements also have had an impact on water filtration both for the whole house and at point of use. According to NSF International, previously known as National Sanitation Foundation, home water treatment systems fit in one of two categories, either point-of-entry or point-of-use systems.

Point-of-entry systems treat an entire home from the moment water enters and are usually installed at the water meter or pressurized storage tank and include water softeners, as an example. Point-of-use systems cover a wide range of products throughout the home and give consumers the opportunity to buy replacement filters. Water filters for faucets in the kitchen or bathroom are great options as they improve the quality of drinkable water from the tap.

Consumers are looking to have filtered water from the moment it enters the home. Many customers also are interested in different products for throughout the home that filter water when necessary. In addition, customers are buying filters for water filtering systems inside their refrigerators.

Consumers looking to expand upon filtration products should consider stocking filtered water bottles and pitchers with pour-through filters. Once again, these will require filter replacements but will make each users water much healthier.

Whether trying to avoid germs that build up on faucets or filtering out contaminants from tap water, advancement in regards to home health is becoming an established feature retailers can promote.

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