Plumbing Technology to Streamline Plumbing Fleets

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Technology to Streamline the Fleet

Most plumbing companies have a fleet of service vehicles they dispatch to deliver their services to clients; technology can make vehicle management more efficient.

GPS fleet tracking technology, for instance, allows the dispatcher to know where vehicles are and what the best route for them to take is. This limits wasted fuel from poorly planned routes and ensures drivers arrive on time. It can also limit wasted time and mileage when drivers take personal trips in company vehicles, because the technology provides a level of accountability.

With GPS fleet tracking, companies can improve customer service by ensuring that drivers are on time to their service calls. This is important, because 67 percent of customers will not do business again with a company that sends a technician an hour late, according to Software Advice, a service that assists plumbers in finding field service software. Sending drivers on time using the most productive route, and estimating arrival times accurately, requires the use of GPS fleet tracking.

Whether technology is improving the work of the plumber or the customer experience, the fact remains that it is changing the face of the industry. To ensure that your plumbing business remains relevant, be sure to keep up with these changes.

Looking ahead into 2016, Heaton Plumbing will continue to focus on efficient operations and providing new products that are requested by trade partners and consumers.  We will continue investing in our USA operations by launching new products into our service packages and looking at ways to make our operations even more efficient. At Heaton we’re constantly evaluating and improving our go-to-market efforts, our product offerings and the overall value we bring to customers to make their lives easier.  Ultimately we are here to serve our customers and provide the best plumbing services, technology and repairs.  Call us today for your plumbing needs.


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