Plumbing Tips for Spring – Exterior Home Prep

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As spring approaches, it is time to get ready for warmer weather. There are plenty of items to check both inside and outside of the home. Here are some fast and easy ways to prevent plumbing problems from occurring after the seasons have changed.  In previous posts we covered how to prep your home for winter conditions – now with the changing of season to the warmer spring weather we provide a quick look at how to prep the outside of your home for this new season.

Exterior Home Prep:

  • Clean the gutters: It is important to head to the roof and clear out the gutters and downspouts. Throughout the winter, debris builds up which can lead to clogs. These blockages may cause water damage, mold growth or costly leaks. Cleaning out the area will prevent these problems.
  • Examine the sump pump: Spring can be a rainy time, so it is essential to make sure the sump pump is in working order. To test the pump, you’ll have to pour some water into the pit. The pump should start after a few seconds, eliminate the water and shut back off. If this does not occur, it is important to contact a plumber. This will prevent the pump from burning out.
  • Check the outside hose bibs and faucets: When the ground thaws, one should check outdoor faucets for drips and leaks. A pipe may have frozen over winter and will need to be repaired. Look here for guidance if you need to replace one as this is another DIY project that can be completed by most people.  This is especially important when it comes to your hose bibb (outdoor faucet). Although it might be a little early to turn your outside water back on.  Once the weather gets a bit warmer, this is definitely something you’ll want to keep in mind.
  • Visually inspect your property for blockages or obstructions that could prevent any remaining melting snow from draining.
  • If you’re able to, clear debris such as leaves, twigs etc. from your gutters so water can drain appropriately.



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