Seeking an Expert and Affordable Plumbing Inspection in Houston?

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If you own or are looking to sell Houston-area real estate and need an expert and affordable plumbing inspection of the property, then look no further than Heaton Plumbing, Inc.

Serving the Houston Metropolitan area, Heaton Plumbing, Inc. will not only inspect the property’s plumbing, but show you what must be done to bring it to code for selling or renting.

Inspections and You

Plumbing inspections are crucial. A home’s pipes and sewer systems must be thoroughly examined, and should there be issues, the necessary improvements and replacements must be done.

According to the City of Houston’s building code, “All construction or work for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection by the building official and all such construction or work shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes until approved by the building official.” It is further stated that “all work requiring a plumbing permit must be inspected and approved by a plumbing inspector before the project is finalized.”

Many times, a digital inspection camera is used to inspect a home’s plumbing. With that camera, the inspector can view and makes notes about the condition of the home’s pipes. A plumbing inspection can also inform the inspector of potential dangers or hazards with the plumbing. For example, if the camera shows tree roots inside of a pipe during the inspection, the inspector may advise the homeowner to remove those roots and snake the drain. Even though the home may pass inspection with the roots unremoved, removing them will avoid future plumbing issues such as drain clogging and flooding.

Why Choose Heaton Plumbing, Inc. for Your Home’s Plumbing Inspection?

The specialists at Heaton Plumbing Inc. use the latest technology and tools for their plumbing inspections. Not only do they provide time-saving and complete plumbing inspections, but they can also assess the condition of your home’s plumbing and recommending changes to improve it.

So, for the expert plumbing inspection you need, forget the rest, because Heaton Plumbing, Inc. is the best! Contact them today and be sure to ask about their 24-hour emergency service!

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