Standing water in a yard – signs of a plumbing problem

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Homeowners often complain of standing water in the yard, especially those who live at the base of a slope. Water runoff from a hillside can flood your lawn and cause you landscaping problems (not to mention drainage problems for your basement). There are many ways on diverting water or alternatively,ways to use plants that can sop up excess moisture. Standing water can be caused by exterior issues, like heavy rain, runoff from a slope of hillside and flooding from ocean storms.  For these external causes typically a solution can be derived in a rather simple way.  If you notice standing water in your home’s yard, don’t ignore it. While a relatively harmless storm that deposits lots of water on the ground can take awhile to drain, puddles of water in your yard can also be a sign that you have a big problem on your hands. Here’s what could be happening.

However sometimes standing water in a yard is a common problem caused by a leaky or broken pipe. Excess water in a yard might come from a damaged sewer line and contain waste from the home. This is unhealthy for children and pets, and is a breeding ground for insects and germs.  Depending on your yards location you can deduct if the standing water is a plumbing issue or an external situation.  Assuming its a plumbing problem here is how to tackle the issue at hand.

Here’s what could be happening.

  • Water near the foundation: Leave this problem unchecked, and the water will eventually damage the foundation and move into your basement. Some of the causes of water near the foundation include damaged gutters or a leaky outdoor faucet. If these are in good working condition, it’s possible that a drain pipe near the home has burst or is cracked.
  • Water in the yard: A number of issues could be at work when you notice standing puddles of water in the yard. Water accumulation can result if the drainage system is faulty. This can be caused by malfunctioning plumbing lines, the drainfield (if you use a septic tank) or the sewer lines. You won’t be able to determine the source of the problem without access to drain cameras that can snake through the entire system.

You may be tempted to leave the water alone, thinking that it can’t possibly cause that much damage. Nothing could be further from the truth. Water accumulation eventually seeps towards the home and can easily cause damage to the concrete foundation. Eventually, the pressure of the water will crack the concrete, and you’ll have a new problem: water in your basement.

In addition, standing water attracts insects, and allows bacteria to grow. A proliferation of mosquitoes, for example, is dangerous and a nuisance. Other water-loving wildlife includes frogs and snakes. A water-logged backyard is unusable, destroys plants and grass and may even eventually reach the bottoms of doors and fill sidewalks.

Whatever the cause of the standing water, you need expert help to identify the source and remedy the problem. Delta The Educated Plumber is equipped to handle any home plumbing problem you may have. Our experts use high-tech drain cameras to reach the depths of home plumbing systems and identify the root of the problem. We can also install proper drainage in the yard to divert water away from the home.

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