There are many water heater makes and models that customers have installed in their home every year. Over time, hard water, weather, and lack of cleaning causes problems for the entire water heater system. We wanted to give you a few examples what to watch out for when buying and what will happen when a repair is needed.

If your home has hard water, make sure everything is possibly done to your water treatment system that turns hard water into soft clean water. This is one of the most important issues that cause water heater to have problems. This goes mostly for the new tankless water heaters that are much easier to get clogged. Call a plumber who will disassemble the water heater unit and clean everything with special tools for the job.

It is tempting to buy a water heater that is low in cost to save money. When it comes to a new water heater unfortunately you get what you pay for. Often the water heaters that are less expensive are the most energy absorbing and expensive to operate. A high-efficiency hot water heater is more in price initially, but much less in operation costs. Always check the Energy Guide label to help choose an energy saving unit.

Energy efficiency of a storage water heater (tank-type) is indicated by its Energy Factor. The higher the EF the more you will save on energy bills. If you are interested in the older tank type models that most people are currently using today, make sure the foam insulation is a least 1.5 inches and the energy efficiency ratings are shown on the Energy Guide label.

There are plenty of places online to find a great plumbing company to choose from to repair, replace, or maintain your current hot water heater system. We highly recommend checking out for plumbers in your area who have great customer satisfaction. If you are in the Houston TX area, give us a call and we will have a plumber inspect any water heater for you.



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