Toilet Tips For Holiday Season Over Usage

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Toilet Tips AKA More like TOILET PAPER Tips:

Around the holidays toilet paper usage skyrockets! If you aren’t careful, you could have some major drain cleaning problems in your future! With additional people in the home and more time away from work your toilet will be in overdrive during the holiday season.  In fact some homes with smart technologies have registered and increase in toilet usage that is 10 times normal everyday use!

While the holidays can be some of the most joyous times of the year, they can turn into a disaster very quickly! Take some of our plumbing and appliance tips so you can avoid unwanted stress this holiday season. Use these toilet paper tips and avoid clogged drains in the home.

–  Watch how much you use! If you use too much toilet paper on a regular basis it could cause damage to your plumbing system… and a stopped drain may end up requiring snake drain cleaning.

–  Now you see it… Now you don’t! Toilet paper that dissolves faster is better for your plumbing system. The thicker the paper is the more likely it is to take longer. Keep your eye out!

–  Don’t flush “flushable” wipes or any other materials down there. The truth is, flushable wipes aren’t always so flushable. They gather as they travel down your pipes into your septic plumbing system and eventually form giant balls of un-dissolvable material. This can lead to sewer line obstructions and big costly sewer repair in your future.

– Think twice about getting those expensive, luxurious rolls of paper for the kids’ bathroom. Regular paper works just as well, and kids will use either one with zeal.

– Buy standard sized rolls. Double rolls actually run down quicker than two standard rolls. The reason being, we see more of the roll and subconsciously use more because there’s plenty. It’s the reason you keep seeing manufacturers up the size of the roll, so that now we need extra equipment to fit these jumbo sized rolls onto the holder.

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