What is WaterSense?

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Technologically advanced green products and, green practices in plumbing have led to a new program, called WaterSense, from the United States Environmental Protection Act (EPA). The WaterSense program was created to find ways to use water efficiently for consumers, communities and the environment, while helping conserve resources for the future. Retailers interested in having WaterSense-labeled products can work with the EPA to get approved products in their stores.

A partnership program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) makes it easier to save water and protect the environment by identifying high efficiency products that perform well. The WaterSense label was created to encourage manufactures to produce water efficient plumbing fixtures and to develop a system to help consumers recognize these products. Most all appliances that are water sense certified have had rigorous performance tests that are validated by several 3rd party unbiased agencies.

Water efficiency specialists advised the EPA on developing product performance criteria for the WaterSense program. Products that are recognized as part of the EPA’s National Environmental Achievement Track, the “gold standard” for facility-based environmental performance, recognizing environmental excellence by encouraging facilities with strong environmental records to go above and beyond legal requirements. Many manufacturers are also partners in the EPA’s innovative collaboration with the freight industry to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

    The EPA’s WaterSense® label identifies toilets that:
  • Qualify as High Efficiency Toilets (1.28gpf or less).
  • Have a minimum soybean paste flush score of 350 uncased grams.
  • Meet the Department of Water and Power Supplementary Pricing Specification regarding trim quality and tank volume.
  • Have third party testing agencies conducting product performance testing and validation.


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