Water Heater Being Installed in Pasadena TexasAre you suffering from a poorly functioning or completely broken hot water heater in your home? Are you on the hunt for an affordable, trustworthy, & reliable plumbing company to provide you with water heater repair in Deer Park, Tx, or it’s surrounding areas?

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When your hot water heater stops working it effects every facet of your day to day life. From showering to dishes to laundry and everything in between, a water heater is a vital component to your every day life.

So, when the water heater fails, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring signs that your water heater might need to be repaired? This could lead to the water heater exploding, sending 50 gallons of water throughout the lower levels of your home and causing thousands of dollars in damage. The experienced and trusted team of plumbers at Heaton Plumbing Inc. provide you with quick and affordable water heater repair in Deer Park, TX. Don’t wait until it’s too late to have a plumber come to your home to make necessary repairs. If you wait, you could be on the hook for a hefty repair bill.

Common Water Heater Issues

The most common hot water heater related issue you will likely experience is a sudden loss of hot water. You will turn the shower on and the water will never warm up. You will go to run the washing machine when it’s set on warm cycle and it won’t activate. You will try to wash your hands and cold water will exit the spout when the warm nozzle is activated. The loss of hot water is not always a sign of necessary repairs. Instead, the breaker in the electrical box might have tripped, which means all you need to do is flip the switch to the on position. Or in the event your home utilizes a gas water heater the pilot light may have gone out and a simple re-light will do the trick. The rest of the water heater issues we outline below should only be dealt with by a licensed plumber who is experienced in providing water heater repair in Deer Park :


  • Never-before-heard noises: Are there noises throughout your home that you’ve never heard before? If so, you likely have a problem with your water heater. The heater, when too much sediment builds up, will make noises when it is heating the water. The sediment should be removed from the tank as soon as possible so the noises stop and nothing else happens to the tank.
  • Leaks: Is there water found in a puddle at the base of the water heater tank? You need to find the source of this water immediately. If it is not coming from the tank you don’t need to worry about the tank, yet. If the water is leaking from the tank it is a sign that the tank might need to be replaced by a reputable and licensed plumber.
  • Foul water: Does the water coming from the sink spigots or in the shower smell foul? Water that smells foul is a sure sign there is a problem with the water heater. This is a sign that there is bacteria that has developed inside the tank. The tank will need to be emptied completely, cleaned and then refilled with clean water.
  • No hot water: A lack of hot water is a sign that your water heater has something wrong with it. If the breaker in the electrical box did not trip and there’s still no hot water, there could be something that is a bigger issue. If you use a gas heater, the pilot light could be out and needs to be relit. If you use an electric heater, the heating element might have gone bad and need to be replaced.

If your water heater is exhibiting any of the following signs, it’s time to schedule an appointment for water heater repair in Deer Park immediately:

  • Broken valves
  • Leaking valves
  • Popping sounds
  • Dirty (brown) water
  • Rusted connections

Main Types of Water Heaters

Knowing which type of water heater is in your home is an important part of being a homeowner, especially if you recently purchased your first home. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the unit with the help of an experienced plumber. There are four types of water heaters on the market today: electric, gas, tankless and standard.

Electric Water Heaters

This type of water heater is self-explanatory in how it runs. It runs with the use of electricity. These are most often found in homes that do not have gas service running to the home. The electric water heater will be fueled using propane, which is often stored in a tank outside the home and fed inside via a pipe. An electric water heater is less dangerous than gas because it does not use combustible materials, but will be more expensive to operate when your monthly utility bills arrive.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters run using natural gas. Your home must have a natural gas connection in order to have this type of water heater installed. If the heat in your home is made using propane, it likely means you won’t be able to install a gas heater. If you decide to convert your residence to gas heat then you will be able to have a gas water heater installed by a plumber.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater, or an on-demand heater, is one in which hot water is created only when it is asked to perform the task. This means that your morning shower might take a little bit to warm up, especially if no one was in there before you. The flow rate of a tankless water heater will be low even though it can deliver an almost-constant supply of hot water to the home.

Standard Water Heaters

Standard water heaters, also referred to as atmospheric units, require oxygen from the air in order to run effectively and heat the water in the tank. Roughly 80 percent of the heat generated by a standard water heater is actually extracted and used. The remaining 20 percent of heat seeps out of the home through the chimney.

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