Slab Leak Detection in La Porte, Tx

Have your floor panels become swollen and leaking water? Or has a dampness developed in a carpeted area? You could be very well dealing with a Slab Leak Detection in La Porte, Tx. Before you panic give the experts a quick call at Heaton Plumbing (281) 645-5039. Our team of licensed plumbers has decades of experience locating and fixing tough leaks under concrete slab foundations just like yours.

And because we know how stressful these issues can be, we are here to take your call 24/7. You never need to spend hours wondering and worrying about water washing away the soil from under your home or damaging your foundation. Just call (281) 645-5039, and know that our specialist can be on their way to your home in a matter of minutes to assess any Slab Leak Detection in La Porte, Tx.

Slab Leaks 101

Slab leaks occur when one of the water supply lines under your home’s foundation begins to leak. The plumbing pipes for your home were laid out before the concrete foundation was poured. So the pipes run under the concrete and then run up through the foundation at various points in your home. Typically one line runs to each room of the house that needs a water supply. When any of these pipes become damaged or wear out, the leak is called a slab leak. And that thick concrete can make it very challenging to locate the leak and also to repair it.

Potential Damage From A Slab Leak

As you are aware, your home’s concrete foundation is critical to the safety and stability of the structure. Concrete is far more sturdy than soil. But your foundation also relies on the compacted soil base to protect and support the concrete. When there is a slab leak, the soil washes away and removes that added support that the concrete needs for stability. A large washout can result in stress cracks or even crumbling of your slab foundation. In addition, if the water bubbles up through the concrete slab, it can begin to damage all of the wood that has been used to frame your home. This damage can also render your home unsafe.

Signs Of A Slab Leak

With the pipes under concrete and not always close to your home’s foundation’s edge, it can be hard to know when you have a problem. But there are a few solid indications that it is time to call (281) 645-5039 to schedule a Slab Leak Detection in La Porte, Tx. Common signs of a slab leak include:

  • You can hear the sound of running or dripping water when there are no faucets on in your house
  • You feel a warm spot on the floor- this indicated a possible leak in a hot water line
  • You see your water meter spinning, but there is no water running inside your home or at any of the outside hose bibs or other outdoor water features
  • You see mildew, mold, or moisture seeping up through your flooring
  • You notice that wood flooring is swelling and buckling
  • You notice bulging laminate flooring
  • You discover a significantly higher than normal water bill
  • You find unexplained moist soil along the edge of your foundation
  • You see a section of soil has been washed out from under the concrete foundation of your home


The Slab Leak Detection Process

The leak detection process has evolved significantly in the past decade. New technology allows our team of skilled pros to listen for leaks with sound amplification tools and see images using thermal scanners and other video equipment. Laser thermometers also enable us to test for a slight temperature variance that we could not detect by touch. And finally, we use our eyes and ears to look for the indications that we have mentioned above.


If you think that there is even a slight chance that you have a slab leak, call in the pros at (281) 645-5039. Our leak detection specialists team has decades of experience and expertise in finding even the smallest leaks concealed under a concrete foundation. We offer 24/7 emergency Slab Leak Detection in La Porte, Tx and provide a complete cost quote for any fully warrantied Slab Leak Repair needed if a slab leak is found.


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