Water Heater Installation in Houston, Tx

Most homeowners don’t understand the value of their home’s water heater until there is not more hot water. Especially if you have tolerated things like waiting minutes to have hot water running through your pipes, or occasional discoloration of your water. It could be time for you to pick up the phone and call Heaton Plumbing for a Water Heater Installation in Houston, Tx. (281) 645-5039 At Heaton Plumbing we have been the go-to trusted Plumber for hundreds of residents. We offer 24/7 emergency services because we know the seriousness of having no hot water in your home. So there is never a better time to call us. Our licensed tech will arrive on time to assess the issue and answer any question you might have. Let us show you what all the reviews and ratings are about by earning your trust, and business. Call now! (281) 645-5039 We will work diligently to provide top notch Water Heater Installation in Houston, Tx.

Types Of Water Heaters We Install

Heaton Plumbing is an independent contractor with no allegiance to any manufacturer or water heater supplier. Our only concern is helping each of our valued customers select the water heater that will best meet their Houston, Tx household’s needs. And we pledge to provide that water heater at a fair cost and with a reasonable fee for the installation. Our team of professionals is happy to walk you through the process of choosing which of the following water heaters will work best for you.

Traditional Water Heaters

The traditional, or standard style water heater uses a large holding tank to heat and maintain hot water until a faucet or shower is turned on. The holding tank capacity determines how much hot water you can access at any given time. And once that supply is depleted, you must wait for the tank to heat more hot water. The time required to heat a new tank of water is called the recovery time. This is an essential piece of information when you are comparing water heaters. 

These tank-style water heaters are offered in either gas or electric. The gas heating system will heat a new tank of water faster than a same electric water heater. But there are not really any other significant differences in the way the units function or the life expectancy. And homeowners like that traditional water heaters are more affordable to purchase than the tankless models.

Tankless Water Heaters

As the name indicated, tankless water heaters do not use a holding tank to heat water. Instead, this system heats water as it is flowing through the plumbing pipes in your home. These units are also called on-demand because the water is only heated when there is a demand for hot water. And unlike the tank-style water heaters, your hot water supply is unlimited. Your tankless water heater will continue to heat water for as long as the faucet or shower is turned on.

The most significant benefit of a tankless water heater is its energy-efficiency. Available in both gas and electric models, the tankless water heater only uses power when there is a demand for hot water. So no gas or electricity is being wasted to keep a tank of water hot when no one is using hot water in your Houston, Tx home. Homeowners also like that these small water heaters can be installed throughout their homes because of their compact size.

As you begin evaluating your options for a water heater installation in your Houston, Tx home, you will discover many factors to consider. The number of people living in your home, the time of day that each person chooses to bathe, and the length of each shower will have an impact on the type and size of water heater that will best meet your needs.

Fortunately, all you need to do to begin selecting a water heater is to call the pros at (281) 645-5039. The team at Heaton Plumbing is available 24/7 to assist with plumbing emergencies and all of your plumbing needs. One of our licensed plumbers would be happy to visit your home to answer your questions and provide you with a free no-obligation price quote.

Selecting a water heater for your Houston, Tx home is a decision that requires thought and, in most cases, reliable advice from a trusted professional. For years, the community has been turning to Heaton Plumbing for that guidance and professional service. Each job we do is backed by a complete warranty and our industry-best customer satisfaction guarantee. So you know that the work is done correctly the first time. Don’t stress about your new water heater installation. Just call (281) 645-5039. Our team of professionals will guide you through the selection and have the installation completed on time and on budget.


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