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Using a garbage disposal in your kitchen is a quick, environmentally easy way to remove food waste. Heaton Plumbing sells, repairs, replaces and installs all brands of garbage disposals like Kitchenaid and Whirlpool. When you consider getting a new garbage disposal in Houston TX you want to look for a few key features. The key features of a garbage disposal are: the type of garbage disposal (what will you be using it for), the amount of horsepower you need, special safety features needed. Where does your garbage go? Does it go in a septic system? and does your waste go to a septic tank? These are all garbage disposal issues that are best discussed with the professionals. They will guide you in the right direction, and provide sound advise when you purchase your garbage disposal. They will know exactly what you need, and they will guide you toward the right brand to buy.

Garbage Disposal Installation

More often than not, if your home is equipped with a garbage disposal, you have probably had trouble with it once or twice. Garbage disposals are essentially to be used for left over food waste, but seem to be used too often for the destruction of entire left over food portions, which is normally the result of children thinking that the disposal is meant to make unwanted food disappear.

It’s important to be mindful of the food waste that is fed to your garbage disposal. Large portions, bones, and sinewy food particles can wreak havoc on your disposal’s mechanics and the pipes and plumbing that connects it to your kitchen. Although most modern day disposals are built with a reset button, it is often not enough to correct the issues caused by a disposal being misused. For you and your family’s safety its best to allow a trained master plumber from Heaton Plumbing to fix and repair any broken or jammed garbage disposals, or install a new one.

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Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals have now become indispensable components of the kitchen of every Houston Texas household. This is the case, because they help to easily dispose the kitchen and food waste. The garbage disposal unit contains a grinder operated through an insulated electric motor, which breaks down waste into small pieces that can flow through the drain pipes. The licensed plumbing technicians are trained to properly install the garbage disposals.

There are limitations on what can be dumped in the kitchen sink. With continuous use, garbage disposals tend to clog over time. Some metallic components of the garbage disposal like the turntable, chamber, lug and shredding ring are in constact contact with water and waste material. These can corrode easily if they are not made of rust resistant material like stainless steel.

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